Welcome to Acquisitus, a private Entertainment Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service for the discerning individual that places a premium on good old-fashioned efficiency, highly personalized service, luxury and discretion. We specialize in providing a variety of bespoke Experiences for our members, thus allowing them to enjoy their most important commodity: time.

There are a multitude of concierge corporations out there, with each one promising you the world. Why choose us? Well, as a boutique service, what we provide is our meticulous and undivided attention in making sure that all your Entertainment and Lifestyle needs are not only met but also surpassed.

Have a request? We are here to ensure that it comes to fruition- efficiently, unobtrusively and with the utmost decorum. Our tiered membership reflects the vast array of services, expertise and perks that are synonymous with Acquisitus. In the end, it’s all about compatibility; whether you choose our Premiere, Select, Monarch or Corporate membership, rest assured that we will do anything in our power (and more) to fulfill your Entertainment and Lifestyle requests. There truly are no substitutes for living well.

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We’ve used a significant amount of concierge services in the past and few of them compare to Acquisitus. Their highly personalized service, efficiency, attentiveness, discretion and fastidiousness makes them our first choice for any of our Entertainment and Lifestyle needs. Regardless of location, Acquisitus always comes through!

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